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We would like to thank Natalia Zarubina from USA, Arkadiy from New Zealand, Kenneth Cadenhead from USA, Jorge Saenz Carbonell from Costa-Rica, Tatyana Nefedova, Ekaterina Koroleva and Anna from Russia for helping us to translate this site into English, and for the parcels with cloths and toys they sent to our kids.

Many thanks to Kenneth Cadenhead from Auburn, Alabama (USA) (read article), Jorge Saenz Carbonell from Costa-Rica, Don Veronneau from Massachusetts (USA), Oksan Ivan from Florida (USA), and the Vincent family from Maryland (USA), for their help and support in several ways for a long while.

Special thanks to DonVeronneau (USA), Oksana Ivan (USA) and the Vincent family (USA), for their help to purchase accessories and computers to be used in the Children's home.

Deep thanks to all the persons who help and support the children with letters and parcels. The operativeinformation about people and help is in the Russian-speaking version of the site -


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