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Our orphanage is the biggest in the Urals. More than 150 children age 2 to 18 live here. There are 10 groups comprised of children of different ages in our orphanage. Siblings are usually placed in the same group. This is why the institution is called "Alapaevsk Family-type Orphanage." An exception is made for pre-school age children who live in a separate group. Our children attend five different public schools located in the town. The most talented children attend Art School and Music School.

Our orphanage has its own orchard and vegetable garden. Children do gardening from early spring till late autumn and grow a variety of vegetables and berries in order to supply vegetables and berries for their table.

Our orphanage offers a wide variety of after-school programs. Boys like to do carpentry in a workshop and girls do sewing. Those who are eager for more activities can attend music class, children's puppet studio "Kolobok," children's drama studio "Charodei" or participate in organized after-school sports activities such as ping-pong, soccer, skiing , or skating. Children who like more intellectual activities can play chess and pool in the playroom. Thanks to the professionalism, dedication and hard work of the staff, our children have been recognized, and they have received awards and certificates of achievement in sports competitions, arts and crafts, music and best Internet-site contests.