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Dear Grown-ups,

If you would like to make a difference in a child's life and let him or her know that he or she has not been forgotten, get involved now. We welcome your support! It is not a secret that our orphans need financial help. But we do not necessarily measure your support in monetary equivalent. Your friendship, involvement and participation in the life of our community are very important for these orphaned children.
We hope that this site will serve a good purpose of helping our children to find good friends.

1. Get involved as a volunteer
Our children need positive role models from their community. You can help by:
*Becoming a tutor to a child
*Helping to set up a computer class
*Helping to build a children's playground
*Sponsoring orphanage web site and hosting it
*Assisting in orphanage farming

2. Sponsor an orphan

Become a sponsor for a child. Get letters from a child and monthly updates from teachers/caregivers on the progress your child is making.

3. Give a stock gift

We experience financial difficulties with buying clothes and shoes for the children, books and school supplies, food supplements, vitamins and over the counter medications for sick children. We will gladly accept your gift. Our mailing address is:

Alapaevsk orphanage
Name of the concrete child or number of group or(and) C/O Alexander Ustyantsev-coordinator.
Klubnaya str., 20
Alapaevsk, Sverdlovskaya obl. 624602. RUSSIA

4. Donate

Your donation will be used for the purpose of providing educational and welfare assistance, including mental and physical health care for these
orphaned children.

a) Bank transfers could be possible since 2005.

A detailed report about how your donation has been used will be sent to you and posted on this site. (If the web designer (he C/O) will know about parcels). You could receive a "Thank you" letter from the children who benefited from your donation.